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Our Mission

Startup Project

Tech Switzerland is first platform as a service for  PropTech Startups and Companies. We bring providers, clients and investors together. 


Tech Switzerland build all in one platform for service & product providers and clients, where they can offer free and clients get in touch directly.


The boom of digitization in real estate industry has brought about the appearance of a huge number of companies and platforms, which offers tech-based solutions for B2B and B2C. There are more than 150 PropTech companies in Switzerland now. The most of them have just founded in last four years. Each company or startups offers different services and products on their platforms.

On one hand, the customers and investors find a very fragmented market, generally with platforms of a local nature, with few products and very different admission requirements for each one, that on occasion prevent buying or get right service and product. All this makes it very difficult for clients, not only to distinguish and value the best opportunities but also to access those, which prevents them from optimizing and diversifying their portfolios.

On the other hand, the platforms have difficulties with internationalization due to language barriers, the type of currency, and the different regulations, and additionally, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money in distribution and communication to explain their products, as well as in marketing to obtain quality investors, and also promoters looking for funding, on their websites.

And finally, the entrepreneurs and developers who are looking for funding find with the difficulty to find, compare and know the different platforms available, as there is no aggregator that gives them the opportunity to find the free option for funding.


tech switzerland

The solution is a global market place for tech-based solutions. A platform where providers and clients and those who are looking for trading can meet each other. A platform of platforms that, thanks to deep integration with each of the platforms, and to the each of service & products to allow business.

So, we have the three puzzle pieces that conform the alternative platform all in one place. From the one side, developers or startups looking for funding, or simply consumers who need a loan, can easily from a single website apply and manage their applications and get the most advantageous conditions.

On the other side, Tech Switzerland helps the platforms to have greater exposure and dissemination of their opportunities, becoming an international sales channel, acting as a reseller, and also referring to the platform investors and clients. In addition, we offer the platforms the possibility to be part of our network, becoming a node, providing them with an extra layer of security and liquidity for their users.

And finally, Tech Switzerland helps customers find and select the best service and opportunities by providing them with information, ratings and opinions on a single website. Subsequently, we will offer the possibility to get in touch directly through our platform and manage your portfolio centrally.

Our Values


Transparency is essential in business and that is why we want to show you all the information available for each listing and each platform.


We believe in talent and a job well done. Every day we make every effort to provide you with information on available possibilities.


Swiss Made Neutrality. The first step in being able to offer you quality information is to be independent. And that is why we are not involved or have any economic interest in any of the platforms we list.

Our History

Tech Switzerland is property of PropTechmatch and was founded on 15th February 2020. Tech Switzerland is directory platform of PropTech Switzerland and offers PropTech companies to add their service, products, events, projects, meetups, financing round etc. as free. It is a first open platform for every innovative companies in Switzerland.

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