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PropTech 2020

PropTech 2020

We are pleased to present the 1st edition of the Swiss PropTech Book: PropTech 2020. The special theme for this edition is PropTech Business Ideas and Distributed Ledger Technology – The Future of Real Estate Innovation in Switzerland.

The special themes for this book are;

  1. What is innovation and Where does it come from
  2. The iBuying Platforms
  3. Digital Rental Platforms
  4. Rent without deposit and reducing the vacancy rate
  5. Voice-activated property search
  6. Automated house visiting
  7. We fix it
  8. Crowdfunding Platforms for developers and investors
  9. The marketplace for Crowdinvesting
  10. Smart connecting
  11. Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality – 3D
  12. PropTech & FinTech common paths
  13. Money died la viva blockchain
  14. Smart contracts and Cryptocurrency as payment
  15. Market correction will come
  16. Understanding of the crises
  17. What makes real estate valuable
  18. Ignoranz als Innovationskiller
  19. What will happen between 2020 – 2023

The goal of this book is threefold:

  • to Introducing the Swiss PropTech Ecosystem and players,
  • to provide the reader with a solid understanding of the digital transformation in real estate industry and the market analysis in Switzerland,
  • to get to know and realize the history of the Swiss PropTech Evolution.

Over the last twenty years after the common use of Internet, improvements in real estate industry have prompted a sustained increase in smart living, smart investing and smart property management in the quality of real estate management, resulting in substantial contributions to economic growth.

Property Technology (PropTech) has largely contributed to this progress. As we look into the future, new technologies and technological innovations will likely continue to enrich the provision of real estate at a rapid pace. Big Data, Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality & 3D, Smart Buildings, Internet of Things, Drones, Automated Valuation Models and mobile applications will open the new doors to improved real estate industry. Likewise, novelties such as the payment of rent with cryptocurrencies, online valuation and chat bots between tenants and landlords and rental house without caution have potential for real estate agencies and property management companies.

In addition to the themes, and from now every year, the PropTech Switzerland follow and analyzes innovation trends and the performance of approximately more than 160 companies.

This book is not an investment guide or a magic solution. It is neither an exhaustive list of every PropTech startups or innovation, nor is it a recommendation to adopt a specific solution or investment thesis. Instead, this book aims to equip the reader with insights and a frame of reference that would allow her or him to understand and evaluate new solutions in the market with confidence. Importantly, the book introduces a way of thinking about the evolution of real estate that encourages and enables readers to continue to grow their own expertise in PropTech industry.

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