FAQ about the Tech Switzerland Platforms function

Why should I list my company and services on Tech Switzerland?

Tech Switzerland is the first Swiss Made platform specialised in property technology. Offering highly-qualified traffic to the platforms we list. The sales opportunities generated by clicks from Tech Switzerland are highly segmented and direct. Tech Switzerland is a website focused on B2B and B2C, offering them information, search options and service opportunity comparison, making it easier for these qualified clients to access your company and services. Platforms indexed on our website have greater visibility and a better chance of reaching a solvent audience. We redirect this audience’s traffic to your site, where users can become your clients. The clients get in touch with you directly.

How did Tech Switzerland obtain my content?

has its own directory that collects content from the Internet. We only index publicly available content, and from that information. We also receive content from platforms with whom we have a collaboration agreement and decide to list their service & product with us.

How much traffic and how many sales opportunities does Tech Switzerland generate for my site?

It depends mainly on how many listings you have active.

How does Tech Switzerland classify the companies and services it shows?

In Tech Switzerland we do not prioritize one platform over another. Only those platforms that have contracted this service are highlighted on our website and we indicate this on our website. We only list the projects from platforms that are integrated with our system. The users decides how to order them: alphabetically, by type, by price or geographically.

What does Tech Switzerland do with my content?

Like all search engines, we index information so that the search experience is as easy as possible for the users. Different listings are clearly marked, and the platform in question is shown, including a direct link to your website.

How can I post content in Tech Switzerland?

Whether you want to publish your service, product, articles or press releases, you can do so by injecting that information into our system.
Once your platform is registered in our system, from your Dashboard you will have access to your profile and listings.

What is Featured & Popular Listings?
You can featured your platform by integrating with signing our featured service agreement. With this your platform and projects will be always on the top and highlighted with colored border. Other options we offer is specialized publicity in our website. You can even featured more your platform and no need for integration, when hiring these services.

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